Perky Nerd X-Wing TTS Support the Store Tournament - Starts in August 30th

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Perky Nerd X-Wing TTS Support the Store Hondo Hijack League

“Oh, the stories I could tell. So many of them true.” ~Hondo Ohnaka

Win prizes and support The Perky Nerd in this Swiss tournament with a… unique rule set.


Registration closes: August 30th at 9pm PST


Tournament Organizer (TO): Dyllan Fernandez




Basic registration is $10 and gets you entry to the tournament and an X-Wing Second Edition alternate-art card of a certain very handsome pirate.

To help support The Perky Nerd, there is also a $20 registration option that will help keep the doors open. Players who register at the $20 level will also be entered in a raffle to win a new ship worth up to $40.


After you register, please join Discord to communicate with other players, and register for the tournament on Tabletop.TO




Discord Link:

Please change your nickname in Discord to match your name in TableTop.TO



TTS Tutorial:

Format: Extended, 200 points, 75-minute rounds


List Building Rules: Hondo Hijack! 


    • Each list must use one “Hondo Ohnaka” crew card in their list.
    • Hodo Ohnaka costs 0 points.
    • Every ship gains a “Hondo Ohnaka” upgrade slot in addition to the slots it already has.


  • He squeezed into your cockpit or he’s on your radio or something. Lists must be at least 185 points. (Don’t intentionally make a terrible list)

      • After each round of the tournament Hondo steals your list and swaps it with your opponent. For round 2 you will use the list you played against in round 1. For round 3, you will use the list you played against in round 2, and so on.
      • You don’t have to put Hondo on the same ship he was on originally. He just has to be there.

      Rounds will be held once per week over 4 or 5 weeks, for 4 or 5 rounds of Swiss depending on number of players. Players can compete from all over the USA, and set times for their own matches. Rounds must be completed by 11:59 PM PST on the Sunday after the week ends. 


      Rounds must be played in Tabletop Simulator on Steam. 


      Special Rules: 

      Arc and range checks will be resolved in Tabletop Simulator using the “firing arc” function. All rules questions may be vetted by a third party, with final ruling going to the TO. 


      If TTS is unable to determine the closest point for a shot, and both players are unable to agree on what the closest point is based on available information, players may resolve the conflict either by rolling 1 red die (calling hits or misses), or by contacting the TO. 


      If no one is available to do a rules check, a game may be paused, saved, and resumed, with extra time to submit allotted by the TO. 


      Code of Conduct: Players are asked to abide by Fantasy Flight Games’ Floor Rules:


      All violations of the floor rules should be reported to the TO as soon as possible.


      If a floor rules violation in an ongoing game leads to a delay of play or situation where players do not feel comfortable proceeding, players should pause the clock, save the game state, and contact the TO ASAP.  



      1st Place: $15 Store Credit 

      2nd Place:  $10 Store Credit

      3rd Place:  $5 Store Credit

      Participation: “Hondo Ohnaka” card


      Raffle: Those who entered at the “support the store” level are entered in a raffle to win a new ship of their choice up to $40 in value.


      Best LIST: Whoever submitted the LIST with the best record, wins one small-ship commission painting by Dyllan Fernandez. See some sample paint jobs here: