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New Perky Nerd Batty Raglan! 

This raglan is NEXT LEVEL brand raglan. It's a white heather middle with dark purple sleeves. The picture is a sample of what it will look like. 

The Orange and Black one was such a huge hit, we are now doing VARIANTS! This is our first variant of the original. Already cooking up ideas for more color combos. 

This one has a Batgirl like feel with the yellow lettering and purple sleeves. 

In order to launch this new variant we will need a certain amount of pre-orders to have them made. So order now at a special SALE price for pre-orders. 

When we hit the pre-order TOTAL GOAL, the order will be placed and the shirts will be made. It will take 4 weeks from the time we fill the order for them to arrive. 

You will be notified via email when the order is placed and again when they arrive. If you select store pick up, you can pick them up at The Perky Nerd. If you need it shipped, please select parcel post or priority mail. 

Thank you! Can't wait to see a new version of our biggest selling raglan design!