Star Wars Legion: SoCal Invitational Championship Qualifier League (The Perky Nerd)

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So-Cal Legion Invitational Championship Qualifier League!   

Saturdays in September -   10AM    (flexible)  
$10 Buy-in for the entire season. 

Season Starts:   September 7th, 2019

Alt-Art prizing in addition to any So-Cal Invitational Prize Support (if any) 

Top Two Players will win TPN "Legion" T-shirts to wear while proving who really runs So-Cal when it comes to Legion.  


Welcome to The inaugural SoCal Invitational.  With our outstanding community of Legion players, we're excited to participate and can't wait to see which two players head out to represent the best of The Perky Nerd.  


Our season will consist of a typical round robin regular season with a leaderboard based on wins and loses (and strength of schedule in the event of ties)  


If we can run a second season prior to late October, and there's interest, we will.  


Games will be scheduled for 10AM on Saturdays.  They'll be pre-determined match-ups.  In the event of a conflict for the weekend, so long as both players agree, games can be schedule for other days.  That said, any player that requests a change that can not be accommodated by opposing player -- and game is not played/made up will result in a loss for the player requesting a game change.  

Pre-arranged tables will be set up every Friday night with table designation posted on Fbook.  Tables will be marked and held for tournament play.  (yes, there will still be tables available for casual play for those not participating.)    


We will need 5 players to commit in order to ensure the 4 week minimum run so please sign up right away if you're looking to give it a shot!  


*In an ideal world, we would send the top Imperial and Rebel player.  I suppose that's worthy of discussion still - but more than likely sending the top players based on W/L regardless of faction is likely the best outcome.  


**As of now lists are based on current releases and regular list-building rules.   This will likely hold true for the entire first season.    If we were to run a 2nd season, we could discuss adding challenging elements such as "if you win a game, you must play with entirely new commander(s) in your next game" - and variants like that to really really show who's got playing chops.  


Yes, we expect a highly competitive atmosphere of top lists and game playing but the continued excellence of class and sportsmanship that's become a staple of our Burbank community of gamers.  This event is absolutely open to new players.  We have players of all skillsets and mindsets playing so feel free to jump in!   Few weeks of league play will make you better in no time.  


1. Brick & Mortar. You must be a brick and mortar retail store which sells Star Wars Legion in your store to participate. You must have some game space for people to play in your store and make a reasonable amount of time available for people to participate.

2. Dates. Leagues may run starting today to October 26th. Leagues must be at least four weeks long (see below) so must be concluded by Oct 26th. Invitational Tournament is November 9th. More details TBA.

3. Time/participation requirements. Leagues must be multi-week events which of at least 4 weeks in length (may be more). Any winners produced must participate for at least three weeks, and play at least one game on each separate week.



Invitational Tournament Invitational tournament will be run at The Realm Games & Comics in Brea for all participating stores. Each store winner will be invited to come out at play (hereafter invitee). Some limited prizes depending on pay in will be given to invitees. Tournament format will always be Swiss using FFG’s formal format.


Championship Trophy We will be including a Championship Trophy. Championship Trophy will include names of all Founding Stores on back, plus have names of Individual Tournament Champion and Team Champions. Team Champions will take trophy back to their store to be on display for the full year, where the following year that store will be the hosting store.

The trophy is not considered property of the participating store, trophy is for everyone in Socal, though considered property of Glen Smallman for purposes ownership and should be returned if store closes and is no longer operating as a business; or should be passed along to the next store whose team wins the following year.