Blood Bowl: Season 1 - Kick-Off March 2nd!

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We’re starting a Blood Bowl League at The Perky Nerd!

We’re looking for at least 4-6 more people to join this league. Pre season / training games can start immediately. The league will officially start on March 2nd and run for 4-5 weeks with a playoff tournament for the top 4 teams.

We'll have a pre-season training day on 2/24 so all the teams can meet up and go over everything.

This will be an “out of the box” introductory league. You field a team of players with what you get out of one team box (exceptions can be made for anybody brave enough to run Goblins). No need to spend a ton of money. We have plenty of pitches, dugouts and dice. Once we get enough people signed up the commissioner (Matthew Stitzer) will post the schedule. Each team has to play one game per week whenever is convenient for the people involved.

Through out the season your team will power up and learn new skills. They may also sustain lasting injuries or even possibly die.

In the game of Blood Bowl, the roar of the crowd and the chance for glory brings together players and spectators from every race in the Old World. On the pitch, tactical finesse meets wanton, brutal violence in a game where anything can happen (and often does!).
Take a look around, stretch out that off-season soreness and get ready to unleash some bone-crunching, jaw-breaking, armour-cracking carnage on the pitch. Let's play ball!