Legion Tournament with LeBlanc the Champ - Jan 4th 10am

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Legion with LeBlanc

Saturday January 4th 10am

800 PT - Star Wars Legion Team Tournament

$5.00 Buy-in per person

Good afternoon recruits, with LVO just around the corner, I wanted to host a team tournament with the same rules as the LVO Legion Team Event. Here are the rules:

Players will play 3 games in Swiss format.
* Each round will be timed at 2 hours and 30 minutes. Players will have an additional 15 minutes to complete the round they are on when time is called.
* Players will form a Team consisting of two members playing like armies.
* Teams must be either Imperial, Rebel, Clones, or Droids.
* Team Members will play together against another two-person team each round
* Each team member’s army will consist of 400 points or less for a combined 800 or less for the team.
* Each team members army will select units with the following rank restrictions: 1 Commander, 0-1 Operative, 2-3 Corps, 0-1 Special Forces, 0-2 Support, 0-1 Heavy

The rest of the rules can can be found in the back of the RRG, which I’ll post in the event for easy reference. So find a partner and sign up. If you don’t have a partner yet, post in the comments and state your preferred faction. This will be pretty casual, so I hope to see beginners and vets alike! If you have any questions, feel free to ask David LeBlanc or post in the event.