Galactic Empire X-Wing Second Edition Conversion BUNDLEr

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X-Wing™ Second Edition promises to usher in a new era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy. When it does, the Galactic Empire will be ready to extend its dominance with squadrons of advanced starfighters. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four new Galactic Empire expansion packs for X-Wing Second Edition:

With these expansion packs, you can bring your entire collection of first edition Galactic Empire ships into the game's second edition. Then, you can round out your Imperial squadrons and enhance the look of your maneuver dials with the other Galactic Empire expansion packs. You may add even more TIE fighters, identical to those found in the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set to your squadron, overwhelming your opponent with a deadly swarm. Or, you could show your enemies the true power of the dark side and bring Darth Vader himself into the battle. No matter what you choose, all will know the might of the Empire.  

Expected release is September 13th.