Keyforge: Dawn of Discovery - Jan 27 Archon Adaptive Tournament (*Play for the Mat!)

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Sunday Afternoon Keyforge Major Event!

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Keyforge:  Dawn of Discovery - Archon Adaptive Tournament

11:00AM - Sunday, January 27

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In the Archon format, each player brings a deck to the tournament. This deck must be an official, unaltered KeyForge Archon Deck that the player either obtained ahead of time or bought at the event itself

Adaptive Compatible Format(s): Archon, : Each round of this tournament consists of best-of-three matches. For the first game of each match, players use their own decks. For the second game, each player swaps decks with his or her opponent and plays using his or her opponent’s deck. If the third game occurs, players bid chains to use the deck which won both of the previous games. The player who brought the deck starts by bidding 0 chains, and then the players take turns outbidding each other until a player declines to bid higher. The player who bid the highest uses that deck for the third game (with their bid number of chains applied at the start). Philosophy: Chains are a balancing mechanic built into the base rules of KeyForge. They can be utilized to allow two decks with a large difference in strength to play at roughly even footing. This helps to emphasize the skill of the player over the strength of an individual deck and allows each player the chance to do well with whatever deck they happen to use. 

Three Swiss Rounds.

Best of 3 Match / round.   90 Minutes / round

*Event is limited to 16 players.

 **Players may sign up for both Saturday and Sunday events.  Players in either event will also be added to the master-drawing for the metal premiere keys to be announced end of January.  


Join us weekly (Sundays) for four weeks as we power through some really fun, creative, and laid back events that showcase the best of Keyforge.  

Play in as many of the events as you'd like.  Participation in all events is not required.  


Major Tournament:  Date: January 26 & 27 - $5


Tournament prizing:  

Each player who participates in the Sunday event receives one Active House card of their choice, while supplies last.


The TOP 4 players each Sunday night receive one set (2) of stun cards.

The TOP 1 player each Sunday night will receive  one set of (5) damage tokens.



In January (TBD)  we will have a major tournament of up to 16 players.   

The top 16 participating players will receive one set (2) of power cards.

The winner of the Major Tournament will receive:  Exclusive Keyforge Mat!