Legion: Ground War tournament - November 25 2018

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Legion:  Ground War Tournament.  

Sunday, November 25 - 2018


A.  All players will receive an Alternate Art "PUSH" command card.  They'll also receive 1 acrylic AIM token and 1 acrylic dodge token.  

B.  1st place =   3 Alternate Art Darth-Vader command cards (official, tournament legal command cards issued at Adepticon)

C.  Alternate in-game achievement prizing:  (each achievement can be obtained 1 time per player)  

1.  Scare Tactics:  Suppress an enemy trooper off the board (receive acrylic suppression token)

2.  Smotherin' with mah Webs:       Play a list featuring an E-web (receive alternate art E-Web card.)

3.  Bwak-Bwak Attack:    Play a list featureing an AT-RT  (receive alternate art AT-RT card.)

4.  I Think We're In Trouble.      Cause a vehicle to become ionized.    Receive acrylic ION token

5.  Run-Away! Run-Away!           Cause a trooper unit to PANIC!  Receive acrylic panic token

6.  White's in their eyes:              Successfully "standby" with a trooper unit (attack does not have to succeed.)    Receive Acrylic Stand-by token

7.  Thanks for the help:              Play a REBEL trooper unit with an additional trooper attached.                   Receive alternate-art trooper card



Game will follow BASIC/CASUAL structure.


2 Swiss rounds.  1 point / win.  Strength of schedule and/or advanced SOS used to determine ultimate winner in case of ties.  


Tournament rules:

Armies:  800 Points  (w/ all released units up to date as options)   Army submissions will not be required, but may be asked for prior to the event.  

8 Player tournament capacity. 

Timed Rounds:   120 minutes.  

Fixed Terrain Tables:  (each table will be set up prior to the game and utilized as a neutral battlefield.)   Game tables will be issued/paired randomly each round to avoid any 'predetermined" home-field advantage. 


This is a casual/fun/relaxed event.  Players are expected to resolve in-game issues at their table - or ask nearby tables to guidance on a rule issue, line of sight issue, etc. Once RSVPs are in, two judges will be appointed to help navigate any issues that may arise at a table.  Rolling a red die to resolve 50/50 disputes is always a fair solution.  This tournament should play exactly like our casual Saturday afternoon games - just with a little prizing and bragging rights up for grabs.