Legion Tournament with LeBlanc the Champ - Nov 23rd 10am

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Legion with LeBlanc

Saturday November 23rd 10am

500 PT - Intro / Small Skirmish tournament!

$5.00 Buy-in

Whether you’re a new recruit or vet, come on down to the Perky Nerd on November 23. We’ll be playing a 500 point variant for this tournament. Please read the rules that can be found here:
TLDR: Bring an army worth 500pts to play on a 3x3 mat over 5 turns. Army building restrictions are as following: Min 1 Commander and 2 corps units. Max 2 commanders, 5 corps, 2 special forces, 2 supports, 1 heavy, and 1 operative units.
There will be prizes tbd.
Questions about the tournament. Feel free to contact David LeBlanc. He's a champion you know.