*PRE-ORDER* - Q-Fig - The Rocketeer

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Date of Arrival - July 2021. Thank you for supporting The Perky Nerd!
From Quantum Mechanix. Based on the classic Disney action movie The Rocketeer, the Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite captures our mysterious hero just as he blasts off to save the day. Leaving a trail of flame and smoke behind as he roars into the air, The Rocketeer will defend America and her allies against the Nazi threat with grit and a rocket pack. Clad in his signature helmet and leather flight jacket, QMX has spared no details in recreating the iconic look of this mid-century hero. You'll practically feel the heat as The Rocketeer lifts off your shelves and onto yet another amazing adventure. The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite stands 5 inches tall from the fiery diorama display base to the top of the American flag billowing behind our hero. Your memories of Disney's The Rocketeer will come rushing back as Cliff Secord barnstorms across the sky and into your collection.