Rebel Alliance X-Wing Second Edition Conversion BUNDLE

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In X-Wing™ Second Edition, you'll assemble your own squadron of ships from across the Star Wars galaxy and fly them into the next evolution of space combat. Now, the elite pilots of the Rebel Alliance are ready to launch into the fight. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce four Rebel Alliance expansion packs for X-Wing Second Edition!

Whether they're flying against a massive battlestation like the Death Star or facing wave after wave of TIE fighters, the pilots of the Rebel Alliance are no strangers to long odds. Despite this, the brave band of smugglers, pilots, soldiers, and spies continues flying in the name of freedom, striking out against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire whenever and wherever they can.

When X-Wing Second Edition launches in the third quarter of this year, if you're a veteran player with an existing collection, the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit will bring your existing Rebel ships into the second edition, giving you a wealth of options from the very first day. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase your squadron size with two Rebel starfighters, taken from some of the most iconic ships and pilots from the Star Wars saga.