Star Wars Legion : AT-ST Walker Paint Pack

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You've got the walker - now get to make it not look so lame!  

We've put together a discounted AT-ST paint pack that will give you everything you need to paint basic, but very detailed AT-ST Walkers  Even those who might be new to painting table-top figures should be able to combine our paint packs with online tutorials to create realistic looking figures - let some other poor gamer feel inferior as you throw down your well-done characters!  

Pack includes:

12 - Citadel paints

1 - Can of Army Painter - Grey Spray-on primer


We also have packs for other Legion accessories/characters, and master packs as well that cover more characters in bulk, so if you're looking to do more than just this type of figure, be sure to look around the shop!  


*Available ONLINE and for In-Store pick-up.  Online purchases will require small shipping fee.