The Perky Nerd First 2.5 Tournament X-Wing Tournament - March 12th

Regular price $10.00

It's the first Perky Nerd tournament for X-Wing 2.5!
Store opens at 11AM, Dials Down at 11:30 AM.
Registration: $10
Pre-register to secure your spot and earn an additional FFG Alt-Art!
Format: Standard
Game type: Chance Engagement
Full ban list in effect
Fly Three Rounds of fast-paced X-Wing at The Perky Nerd!
Take home an excellent official alt-art with each win!
If 8+ players register, we will prize out a double-sided plastic alt-art from the 2020 OP kits! (First Order/Resistance pilots).
Registration Link to come.
Player cap: 16 players.