X-wing 2.0 Launch Event (Draft!)

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**When RSVPing below, please NOTE the faction you wish to fly**



Sign up online or in store for our X-wing 2.0 Launch Event -  September 15th, 2018.


The event will be a pilot draft where players will randomly select from a predetermined group of pilots to be flown for the day - Two pilots are shown, one is selected by the player - and then said player's squad is outfitted and supported by other ships to round out 200 points.  Players then go head to head in up to 4 rounds of X-wing 2.0 to determine who's playing skills from 1.0 might make the cut in 2.0!    


A fun day to celebrate the launch of X-wing 2.0, see some of the new 2.0 flair on display, and challenge players to think outside the box by flying a variety of ships, pilots and abilities! 


Launch / Qkits will be on hand for prizing.