X-wing 2.0 Draft Tournament! - Sunday, November 18

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**When RSVPing below, please NOTE the faction you wish to fly**

 (you can change your mind later, we just want to get a general idea.) 


Sign up online or in store for our X-wing 2.0 Draft Tournament -


November 18


The event will be a pilot draft where players will randomly select from a predetermined group of pilots to be flown for the day - 

 Those that participated in the last X-wing draft, it'll be very similar (but improved!)  A write up re: how the event will operate will come later this week.  


RSVPs are limited, so if you want in, sign up right away.  



3 Swiss Rounds

Cut to TOP 2.  

Prizing:    Fall 2018 Quarter Kit 

Additional Prizing:   Prize wheel!   Lots of opportunities to spin and win various Star Wars, X-wing (and non-star wars) prizes!