X-wing 2.0 - Quick Launch Party (Dec 18)

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The Perky Nerd presents: Wave 1 - Quick Launch Party! (also known as, teach Jason how to play this thing event!)
This is a nice little pick-up event designed for new and veteran players alike.  
$5 entry -   limited to 16 spots.  
*No official start time -- arrive any time.
How it works:
Upon arrival, all players will receive:
1. Skull Squadron Pilot (quick build card)
1. Thane Kyrell Pilot (quick build card)
1. Iden Versio Pilot (quick build card)
1. Challenge Card
A Play using a threat level of 5+ (or) Bring a player new to X-wing
B Destroy a ship (or) win a game
C Play 3 games (Or) Spend 3 charges
Each challenge completed, results in receiving a metal token (seen in the prize image)
Players should bring their own tokens, damage decks, templates, and core set components to be used alongside any other quick build card you may already possess.
When two players sit down to play a game, they determine what threat level they wish to play. We recommend a level of 4 for beginners, 6 for intermediate, 8 for veterans. Then they may choose a number of quick build cards w/ a total combined threat no higher than that level to create their squad for the game.
**Event is highly casual. No time limit is put on games (play at your leisure) and games begin and end as they please. If you're an experienced player just looking to play some pick-up games and get some swag, you can certainly sign up as well.   

1. Quick Launch Party: RSVPing to this event will net you TWO (points) wins (regardless of what you do that day) - the day is designed for challenges, fun play, and helping new players out - not smashing them with your tournament best -- so just for coming out, you'll be rewarded with a WIN. Actual game results will not count towards final wave prizing. 
Players receive 2 points (wins) for simply participating in this event. 

2. THEMATIC TOURNAMENT: Battle of Yavin Dec 29

Players must build their squad in the XWING SQUAD BUILDER app using the current Thematic Event under "VARIANTS" game mode. Players can find the app on their device's app store or via fantasyflightgames.com 

Players receive 1 point for each win during this tournament. 

3. WAVE 1 TOURNAMENT: January 12 
The culmination of Wave 1 releases for FFG's X-wing 2.0 will battle it out in a relaxed, Wave Championship of up to 16 players! 

Players receive 1 point for each win during this tournament. 

Final Prize: The player with the most wins combined through all 3 events will receive the Official Wave 1 Range Rulers. Any ties will be decided by previous head-to-head results and/or a single elimination game if previous results can't settle the score.