X-wing 2.0 - Wave 2 Championship Event [Extended Mode]- Feb 17) 10AM

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The Perky Nerd presents: X-wing 2.0 Wave 2 - Store Championship! 
The culmination of Wave 2 releases for FFG's X-wing 2.0 will battle it out in a relaxed, Wave Championship of up to 16 players!   

Event is part III of a 3-part WAVE tournament structure where the player with the top number of wins over the course of the event will be rewarded an Exclusive Wave 2 Range Ruler!
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A Championship Wave Tournament
$7 entry -   limited to 16 spots.  
Doors open 9:30AM
10AM Start time
3 Rounds (if 8 or less), 4 Rounds if 9+ players) @ 75 minutes a round.  If event runs 4 rounds, 40 min lunch break after round 2.  

200 Point List consisting of any of the extended content including the conversion kits.


All players receive duel/flipped Gray Squadron Bomber/ Bounty Hunter card  

Top 8 players:    3 Metal Tokens

Top 4:   Four acrylic tokens

Top Player:   1 Hard Plastic Bounty Hunter/Gray Squadron Bomber card


**Wins in this tournament will count towards your final WAVE 1 tally (if participating in the 3 event wave tournament)   

 ***Event is relaxed tiered - so bring your best squad and best attitudes - fly casual is the name of the game.  If event gets to 4 swiss rounds (maxing at 16 players, there will be a lunch break after round 2.)    



1. Quick Launch Party: RSVPing to this event will net you TWO (points) wins (regardless of what you do that day) - the day is designed for challenges, fun play, and helping new players out - not smashing them with your tournament best -- so just for coming out, you'll be rewarded with TWO WINs. Actual game results will not count towards final wave prizing so have fun!  16 player cap.  
QUICK LAUNCH is open to Wave 1 and Wave 2 ships.  

2. THEMATIC TOURNAMENT: February 10 -   Evacuation of D'qar  -  11 AM

Players must build their squad in the XWING SQUAD BUILDER app using the current Thematic Event under "VARIANTS" game mode. Players can find the app on their device's app store or via fantasyflightgames.com 

Players receive 1 point for each win during this tournament.   Three SWISS rounds (or 4 with 9+ players).  Ships ARE restricted to those available in the game mode only!   16 player cap.  

3. WAVE 2 Store Championship - February 17  -  10AM
The culmination of Wave 1 releases for FFG's X-wing 2.0 will battle it out in a relaxed, Wave Championship of up to 16 players! 

Players receive 1 point for each win during this tournament.  

Final Prize: The player with the most wins combined through all 3 events will receive the Official Wave 2 Range Rulers. Any ties will be decided by previous head-to-head results and/or a single elimination game if previous results can't settle the score, back-alley fight, axe throwing, and possible real-life game of Frogger using Magnolia Blvd at rush hour.