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Tosche Station

Star Wars Legion Terrain Add-ons : Double-Pipe B (DIGITAL STL FILE)

Star Wars Legion Terrain Add-ons : Double-Pipe B (DIGITAL STL FILE)

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 This is an ADD-ON accessory that can be printed and added to your Tosche Station (or other) gaming piece.  Enhances any generic table-top piece or changes up duplicate items for a unique feel!






By purchasing our digital files, you agree to the terms of the Tosche Station End Limited Licensing Agreement. The license may not be transferred or sold and is does not provide allowance of ownership nor is it a reseller agreement.  Please do not continue with your purchase if you do not agree to our Limited Use License.  


Limited Use License:

Usage of a purchased digital file is limited to purchaser only.  Files or prints are NOT to be distributed, shared, resold, modified (other than scale) or otherwise transferred in any capacity.  


Tosche Station Digital files are not to be stored on a file server / cloud, online, etc.  or anywhere they could be shared, stolen, downloaded, hacked, etc.  

Purchaser is granted permission to use and make up to THREE prints of our files provided usage is private and only done so for and  by said purchaser.  If you would like to provide prints of our digital files for another private party for personal use, please make a separate purchase to obtain a new limited licensing agreement for the new party. 


Commercial Licensing is available for both Digial reproduction and physical copies.  Please contact us for more information.  


We are group of regular joes working hard to make cool terrain for gaming.  Please respect the process and our work as we provide high quality builds for your gaming tables.  

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