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Tosche Station

Star Wars Legion Terrain : Tosche Station - 3 Building Pack

Star Wars Legion Terrain : Tosche Station - 3 Building Pack

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Star Wars Legion Terrain Exclusive:       Star Wars Legion (and other table top games)  BUILDINGS

Set includes:

3 Buildings  (Hut, Bank, Store)


ALL Buildings have removable roofs and doors for interior play, missions, objective games, etc.  


*(we call it our "bank" as that's what purpose it served in our table top Mos Ila town.)   

Whether a desert planet, swampy bog, deciduous forest or ice frozen tundra, this set is an excellent addition to any game table.  

 Item expected to ship Mid-March for arrival at game launch!   


Material:   PLA Plastic


While we do our best to sand off blemishes and correct printing mistakes/errors prior to shipping, some TLC and trimming/cutting/smoothing *may* be required.  Boxes are ready to be primed and painted upon arrival!  No building necessary!  Paint, Drop, Play!  

 Building is shown w/ Star Wars Legion figures for scale purposes.  

*Some photos may be of prototypes in various stages of finish.  Some variations may occur.  Photos showing painted/and/or finished items are for promotional purposes only.  Buildings, figures, and any additional accessories, crates, game pieces are for promotional purposes only.  

 Save on shipping with COMBINED orders.  After your invoice is sent, we will review and refund any additional shipping costs that may have occurred!  The shipping costs are estimated - if they seem off - please contact us!  

Coupon codes for shipping may be available on the website!


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