Toshe Station : Star Wars Legion Scatter Terrain : Small Assorted Crate Package

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Exclusive:      Scatter terrain for your table top games!   Our unofficial terrain pieces, crates, boxes and terrain are all built to be compatible with figures in the 27-30mm sizes  --  Games such as  Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Legion.


This pack contains:

1 Large Crate
2 Double-Boxes
3 Boxes
2 Flat Crates
2 Rectangle Crates
1 Strap Crate

*some items listed above may not appear in photographs.

Material:   PLA Plastic

While we do our best to sand off blemishes and correct printing mistakes/errors prior to shipping, some TLC and trimming/cutting/smoothing *may* be required.  Boxes are ready to be primed and painted upon arrival!  No building necessary!  Paint, Drop, Play!  

*Some photos may be of prototypes.  Some variations may occur.  Photos showing painted/and/or finished boxes are for promotional purpose only.